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Our Employee Awards Program

Ordering from GuaranteedEmployeeRecognition.com is fast and easy!

We take all the guesswork out of implementing your Employee Recognition program.

It’s Really Quite Simple

  • First of all, we will help you design your very own customized, truly effective Employee Recognition Plaque Program.
  • Belk Plaque
    We guide you through the process of understanding how many employees you should recognize each month.  In most cases, we recommend that you recognize at least one person for every thirty employees you have.

    Research has proven this is the maximum ratio to be used in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Any number less than one award per 30 employees has been proven to be perceived as “out of reach” by employees.

    This 30:1 Ratio means the employees have a chance of winning once every 30 months. (30 months = 2 1⁄2 years.) The only exception to this guideline is when you must recognize different “types” of employees (example: sales and support, or different departments).
  • We even have someone on staff that will assist you in determining (and putting into action) a proven set of “criteria” to be used as your standard for selecting your new “Star Employees” each month. What success factors are important for you to recognize and reward?
  • This program has been proven, year after year, to surpass our client’s expectations. Their continuous, annual reorders more than verify that fact.

Those are just the things we do BEFORE you start your program!!!

  • Once you order your Employee Recognition Plaque Program, we will send you (usually within 1-2 weeks) an annual supply of awards for the titles you selected.  Your plaque program will consist of 1 - 12”x12.5” Annual Award and 12 – 5”x7” Individual Awards for EACH title you choose to recognize. 

    The “Annual Plaques” you receive are to be hung on the wall, in a prominent location, in order to display the names of the winners each month. 

    The “Individual Awards” are to be personally given, by you, to the employees in your monthly employee meetings. Don’t forget to take their picture when they receive it!

  • Within a few days of receiving your new program, you will be contacted by your very own “Personal Assistant”. She will make it her mission to help you succeed by developing your personal, customized criteria for motivating your employees!
  • Then, each month you will be asked to submit the names of your monthly winners.  We have 4 convenient ways for you to turn in your winners names.  You may call our office (800-489-0230) and speak with one of our friendly client representatives, fax, email or submit them via our private, client website at www.myemployees.com.

  • Your nameplates will be on their way to you within 24 hours!  (How’s that for speed?)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

What happens when (Not “IF”) you forget to turn in your “Employee of the Month” winners? Don’t sweat it!! We had your best interests in mind when we created our…

Recognition Success Reminder System

Here’s how it works…

  • At the beginning of every month we will send you a friendly Recognition Reminder fax (or email) during the first week. (Make sure we have your personal email address as well!) Don’t worry… we hate email “Spam” just as much as you do. We’ll never sell or give away your email address to anyone, for any reason. Period.
  • If we don’t hear from you by the 2nd week of the month, we will send another fax (or email) to remind you.
  • If we still have not received your winners’ names within the first few days after your second fax or email, we’ll “Release the Hounds”. Ha! OK, actually they are your very own “Personal Assistant” to humanely harass you until you bow in submission… by giving us your monthly winners’ names! Ha!

    Okay, so maybe it isn’t quite that extreme, but this system, created over 19 years, is in place to virtually INSURE your success. As a matter of fact, many of our clients tell us that this one feature alone is worth their investment in our program!

  • If that doesn’t work, we will send a couple of muscle bound “couriers” to your door to “take delivery” of your winners’ names!  …I know, here I go exaggerating again! It’s really only one guy named “Guido”! Ha!

Alright, you are probably asking yourself …

“Why would they go through all that trouble?”

You see, that is exactly what makes us different from the companies you have used in the past.  Our MAIN Goal here is Your Success!  I am going to be perfectly honest with you. I know that the more successful YOU become, the more people you will tell about us.  It’s a “Win –Win” (as the saying goes) for both of us! 

I also know that if your plaques go unused, they are nothing more than an odd-looking “paperweight” And not only that, but it would be far better (in the eyes of your employees) for you to not have a recognition program at all, than to have one and not use it.

Answer this: How many times have you walked into a store, or restaurant, and seen their “Employee of the Month” plaque with winners from two years ago?  You know you’ve seen them. What was your initial impression of that store? Worse yet, how do you think the employees working there feel? Hopefully, that is not what you see in your own store.

Well I have rambled on quite enough.  I would like to leave you with a couple of quotes, from some very successful publications, that I hope you will find interesting.

Sales & Marketing Management Magazine  found that…

… “Sales Managers rated MONEY as the number one motivator they “believed” mattered most to their employees. The Employees, however, stated that having a "Sense of Accomplishment and Being Rewarded for doing a Great Job" were the First, and Second, most powerful motivators. According to the over 18,000 employees surveyed, money comes in at the number 5 spot out of the top ten motivators!”

The Wall Street Journal  found that…

    … "4 out of 5 Employees said they would switch companies, for the SAME PAY, if they knew that they would receive Praise and Recognition in the NEW company."

So, I guess we can say that Employee Recognition does indeed matter to your employees. Give it to them, or they will find another employer who does!

I’ve had managers actually say to me,
“Employee Recognition doesn’t matter to me”.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what a MANAGER might THINK about employee recognition. It only matters what the employees think. You might be tempted to say, “My employees are different”. Guess again! Employee Recognition isn’t about YOU. It’s about THEM

 Let’s think about this a moment

  • If you want to be SUCCESSFUL, who do you have to rely on to help get you there?
  • If you want to make more MONEY, who’s help do you need?
  • If you want to get PROMOTED to DM, who’s loyalty and dedication will be required?

Hey, It’s the SAME answer to ALL three questions?

“Survey Says!”… Your Employees!

Unless YOU accept this proven success principle, YOUR success will NOT happen. Period. End of story.

So, make the ONE best management, “life-changing” decision you will ever make…


To making YOU more successful,

David Long
President / CEO
Specialty Engraving

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The Program is a very big deal for them.

"Our employees are very excited to be the Front of the House or Back of the House Employee of the Month. The plaques they receive are a very big deal to them. I am the ETC at our unit and I am very proud to have a part in their success and joy. Thanks for having such a great Recognition Program."

-Donna Gay-Gwynn
Cracker Barrel


"Specialty Engraving allows me to recognize my employees/contractors each month with quality plaques. The persistence of your office every month to get the monthly names is appreciated."

-Matt Smith